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Gas and Transaction Fees

From the smart contract nature of Sequence Wallet, transaction fees can be abstracted away from users. This allows users to pay the transaction fees in multiple currencies or even have their fees paid by a third party. In addition, users don't have to worry about gas limits or gas price since our relayer system automatically reprice transactions to ensure prompt execution.

Transaction Fee Payment Options

Currently users can pay their gas fees with the following currencies:

  • ETH & WETH
  • Matic
  • USDC
  • DAI

Users are shown a fixed fee at the time of transaction confirmation, which is used to reimburse the relayers that will execute the transaction. This fee will not increase even if the transaction is repriced by the relayer. This is a cost the relayers will bear and hence will optimize for.

How to sponsor transaction fees for your users

It is possible for your dapp or game to sponsor the transaction fees of their users in a non-custodial way. Please get in touch to enable it for your project.

Relaying Transaction

Since Sequence wallets are smart contracts, they can't execute transactions on their own. As a result, users transactions must be relayed by a third party. Technically, anyone can relay these transactions, but the current wallet interface does not allow users to change which relayer they want to use. In the future, we plan on offering more freedom on that front. Sequence Relayers reprice their transaction every 2 or 3 blocks to ensure fast inclusion. This means users will never encounter stuck transactions and will not have to worry about managing gas prices. We plan on integrating an "instant" option for advanced users, but this is not yet available.