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Web / node.js Installation

npm install 0xsequence


npm install @0xsequence/metadata

then in your app,

import { SequenceMetadataClient } from '@0xsequence/metadata'

// TODO: review ..
const metadata = new SequenceMetadataClient()

# Metadata API Installation

**NOTE:** if you're using `@0xsequence/metadata` from node.js, we recommend using node v18.x or newer.

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Go Installation

go get -u[email protected]

then in your app,

import (

seqMetadata := metadata.NewMetadataClient("", http.DefaultClient)

// TODO: review ...
// see examples below for the kinds of queries you can make
tokenBalances, err := seqIndexer.GetTokenBalances(...)

Unity or Unreal Installation

The Sequence Metadata is integrated directly inside of the respective Sequence Web3 Unity and Sequence Web3 Unreal SDKs.