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Our Relayer service is now managed through Sequence Builder. Sign up to grab your API access key.

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The Sequence Relayer service offers a simple interface for dispatching meta-transactions on Ethereum-compatible networks.

Meta-transactions are the idea of a transaction inside of a transaction. The benefits of Sequence meta-transactions are that they allow:

  • Gas abstraction -- whereby users can pay for network gas in a variety of tokens (ie. USDC, DAI, etc.)
  • Sponsored gas -- projects may sponsor the gas of specific contracts to allow free gas for their users
  • Batched transactions -- group a bunch of independent transactions and allow them to be mined as a single transaction
  • Parallel transactions -- parallelize the dispatch of transactions in some cases
  • Fire + forget model -- easily send transactions to the relayer, which will ensure fast delivery
  • Optimal gas pricing for transactions

The best part: transactions with Sequence Relayer are compatible with any existing/deployed Ethereum contract, and thus, integrating the Sequence Relayer doesn't require any changes to your contracts or dapp.

The Sequence Relayer is usable by frontend dapps, or even in your backends.