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Unity SDK

The Sequence Unity SDK provides full Sequence Wallet & Indexer integration for your Unity Games, integrated tightly with Nethereum.

This SDK follows Semantic Versioning (major.minor.patch). While we're still in 0.x.y builds, API breaking changes can be made at any time. After 1.0.0, breaking changes will always cause a major version increment, non-breaking new features will cause a minor version increment, and bugfixes will cause a patch version increment.

Check out the Unity WebGL build of our demo dApp!

The demo offers the same functionality as our sequence.js demo dApp, but using Unity UI & the Unity SDK.

Building your game


If you want to avoid buying Vuplex WebGL, since it's not technically used, then every time you do a WebGL build, first move the Vuplex folder out of your project, then move it back in after your build is done. We're working on a solution to this problem that doesn't involve assembly references 🙏

You can buy & import Vuplex WebGL if you want to avoid this step, for now.

Build your game as usual! There's no special WebGLTemplate needed :)

Standalone Windows & Mac, iOS, and Android

Make sure you have the Vuplex webview for your build target platform installed, then build as usual!

Other platforms

Reach out to us if you'd like to use the Sequence SDK on another platform!

Coming soon

  • Connect to Metamask, WalletConnect, and more wallets