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Sequence Wallet gives you a friendly, non-custodial wallet for your users with multi-chain support and seamless integration.

Most wallets for Ethereum have a single private key that has full control over a wallet, i.e. an Externally Owned Account (EOAs). However, a Sequence wallet is a Smart Contract that is deployed on the blockchain and which can be controlled by multiple private keys. These keys are meant to be controlled by the wallet owner and provide added security since more than one of these keys would need to be compromised for the wallet to be compromised.

👤 Social/email login

Easily sign in via email, Google, Facebook or other socials. No blockchain knowledge required

⛓️ Multi-Chain support

Sequence can support all EVM compatible chains.

💳 On-Ramps Integration

Sequence allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from their wallet, using payment providers like Sardine, UPI, Moonpay, Ramp, and PayTrie.

🦄 web3 compatible

Sequence can be used with any dapp on the supported networks

📱 Browser, app & extension

Users can access their sequence wallet via, the Sequence browser extension or the Sequence Mobile apps

🔑 Non-custodial

With Sequence, users are in full control of their wallet with no third party being able to access these funds other than them.

🌉 Built-in bridges

With Sequence, your users can easily bridge assets from one network to another, directly from inside their wallets.

🐱 NFT support

In addition to ERC-20 tokens like USDC, Sequence has first class support for NFTs, for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

⚡ No install required

Applications can integrate Sequence natively, allowing users to access their sequence wallet without any install required on their end.

⛽ Fee Abstraction

Users can pay transaction fees in various currencies, not only the native currency of the network used.

🤖 Transaction Relaying

Users don't need to worry about gas prices, gas limits or stuck transactions.