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Metadata Tips & Notes on Spam

The Sequence Indexer and Sequence Metadata services will pick up everything and anything that is published on a blockchain. Our services are designed to provide data in real-time as blocks are mined, and adhere to all popular ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 metadata standards so things just work.

This is very helpful for your applications to be able to have access to the complete set of data on-chain, but it also means it will include spam tokens when querying with default settings.

To combat spam, we introduced metadataOptions arguments which can be passed to Indexer RPC calls to control the results returned.

The Sequence Metadata service keeps track of contracts which are "verified" by checking popular sources like Coingecko, OpenSea, Sequence Builder ( and the Sequence Token Directory ( By calling the Indexer RPC methods with "metadataOptions": { "verifiedOnly": true }, any contract address which has not been verified, will be omitted from the results. We recommend using this option all the time, but, the downside is if your project's contracts are unverified, then they will also be omitted from the results. To help with this, your options are to get verified with one of the sources above, or in your RPC calls to pass "metadataOptions": { "verifiedOnly": true, "includeContracts": ["0x631998e91476DA5B870D741192fc5Cbc55F5a52E", "0x8bb759bb68995343ff1e9d57ac85ff5c5fb79334"] } as an example.