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Enables you to retrieve activity data for a specific user, including orders and trades. With the use of the GetUserActivities api developers can build custom and personalized social or tracking experiences to follow certain users in various interfaces.



GetUserActivities for a user with specific token IDs:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
    "orderbookContractAddress": "0xB537a160472183f2150d42EB1c3DD6684A55f74c",
    "collectionAddress": "0x1693ffc74edbb50d6138517fe5cd64fd1c917709",
    "currencyAddresses": [
    "userAddress": "0xC2Be9CF6D9ee4fd211f88620760e829792659b16",
    "tokenIDs": ["1"]


  • Request: POST /api/Marketplace/GetUserActivities
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Body (in JSON):
    • orderbookContractAddress (string) -- the address of the protocol contract.
    • collectionAddress (string) -- the address of the NFT collection.
    • currencyAddresses (string[]) -- an array of currency contract addresses.
    • userAddress (string) -- the address of the user whose activities are being queried.
    • tokenIDs (string[]) -- an array of token IDs to filter the activities by.
  • Response (in JSON):
    • page
      • page (i32) -- number of the page
      • pageSize (i32) -- number of orders on the page
      • more (bool) -- if there are more orders
    • orders (OrderbookOrder[]) [
      • orderId (string) -- order id
      • tokenContract (string) -- the collection contract
      • tokenId (string) -- the tokenId of the collection in the order
      • isListing (bool) -- is true if it's a listing for sale, or false if it's an offer
      • quantity (string) -- the number of tokens the order is for
      • quantityRemaining (string) -- the number of tokens after the order
      • currencyAddress (string) -- the currency the token is trading in
      • pricePerToken (string) -- the price per token
      • expiry (string) -- the expiry of when the order is no longer valid
      • orderStatus (OrderStatus) -- the status of the order as an enum fom "OPEN", "CLOSED", "CANCELLED"
      • createdBy (string) -- the address the order was created by
      • createdAt (uint64) -- the time the order was created
      • orderbookContractAddress (string) -- the orderbook contract address ]