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The Sequence Metadata API service offers a simple and fast API to query token & NFT metadata for Ethereum-compatible chains.

To learn how to use the Sequence Metadata service, please read:

Web / node.js Installation

npm install 0xsequence


npm install @0xsequence/metadata

then in your app (using your API Access Key),

import { SequenceMetadata } from '@0xsequence/metadata'
const metadata = new SequenceMetadata('', 'c3bgcU3LkFR9Bp9jFssLenPAAAAAAAAAA')

NOTE: if you're using @0xsequence/metadata from node.js, we recommend using node v18.x or newer.

Go Installation

go get -u

then in your app,

import (
seqMetadata := metadata.NewMetadata("c3bgcU3LkFR9Bp9jFssLenPAAAAAAAAAA")
contractInfo, err := seqMetadata.GetContractInfo(context.Background(), "polygon", "0x631998e91476DA5B870D741192fc5Cbc55F5a52E")

Unity or Unreal Installation

The Sequence Metadata is integrated directly inside of the respective Sequence Unity and Sequence Unreal SDKs.