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Sequence Games SDK

Sequence helps you seamlessly integrate your video game to web3.

Sequence Web3 Games SDK offers:

  • Sequence Wallet integration for games, all the wonderful powers of the Sequence Wallet available for your gamers
  • Helps you build a seamless web3 experience directly inside of your game without having to leave your game
  • No blockchain or web3 experience required
  • Easily query your user’s item inventory in their wallet and display it in your game
  • Easily query token balances, images and metadata and display it in your game
  • Allow users to easily send transactions from your game
  • Access a network of users with existing funds
  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Harness the power of the Sequence web3 stack and bring it together in your game
  • Supports HTML5, Unity and Unreal games

Please contact the Sequence Pro team for help with your project.