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Sequence Embedded Wallet

Sequence Embedded Wallet enables the creation, management and usage of fully functional EVM compatible wallets that can be easily integrated into your game or experience through our various SDKs such as TypeScript, Unity and Unreal.

These headless wallets can be created on-demand for each user and allow you to integrate an application with an Ethereum compatible blockchain, while using familiar constructions like RPC APIs. Additionally, no necessary pop-up modals, user-facing confirmations, and other distractions so you can provide a truly native and seamless gaming experience.

Sequence Embedded Wallet offers real non-custodial wallets and the system guarantees that each created wallet can only be accessed with the consent of the owner of the wallet. This is made possible by utilizing the power of AWS Nitro Enclaves to handle sensitive data in a secure environment that nobody can access - not even Sequence.

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Once you are ready dive into implementation, follow the quickstart guide.