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Sequence - Web3 Gaming Platform

Welcome to Sequence docs. Here you can learn about the modular Sequence products that empower game developers to build engaging web3 games on any Ethereum-compatible chain.


Follow our step-by-step guides and open source code templates to accelerate your time to market.

Build a web3 game with WebGL

Follow a step by step guide to build a web-based game demo that leverages Sequence Embedded Wallet with custom in-game achievement tokens.

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Build a web3 game with Unity

Learn how to build an engaging iOS and Android game that uses Sequence Embedded Wallets under the hood for an integrated marketplace and in-game currency.

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Create web3 lootboxes

With this tutorial, build a web-based maze where lootbox items are generated using AI and dynamically minted into the player's universal wallet.

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Orderbook Marketplace

Build an API-driven marketplace where players can mint, then sell or buy items using a custom web-based interface leveraging Sequence Orderbook APIs.

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Leverage our open source SDKs to easily integrate from any popular game development framework or language.


Use our modular APIs for more advanced integrations and for accessing on-chain data through easy-to-use interfaces.


Follow our solution guides to boost your game's acquisition, monetization and retention with the power of web3.

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Reach out to our integration team to discuss how you can partner with Sequence.

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Knowledge Base

Browse FAQs and answers to common support requests.

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