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Sequence web3 stack & wallet

Sequence provides users with a seamless web3 wallet to access Ethereum-compatible networks, and a powerful web3 infrastructure stack for developers that makes it easy to build web3 apps and games.

Sequence is designed as a modular web3 system focused on open standards, compatibility and interoperability with Ethereum-compatible networks and developer tools. With Sequence, you can use just one of the modules, or the entire stack. As well, feel free to combine Sequence with your favorite developer tools. This is one of the beautiful aspects of "web3" -- open standards and compatibility :)

Thanks for browsing our documentation below which will take you through our Wallet, Infrastructure stack and SDKs. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us on our Discord to speak with our development and partnership teams.

Finally, be sure to check out the Sequence Github page to view source of our SDKs and example projects.

Getting Started

The Sequence Stack


Our Node Gateway, Metadata, Indexer and API services are now managed through Sequence Builder. Sign up to grab your API access key.

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