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Signing Messages

// Get the wallet provider and signer instances
const wallet = sequence.getWallet()
const provider = wallet.getProvider()
const signer = wallet.getSigner()

// Prepare the message string
const message = `I've been to web3 & back again :D`

// Sign the message
const signature = await signer.signMessage(message)
console.log('message signature:', signature)

// Validate the signed message. The sequence utils `isValidMessageSignature` method
// supports validating both EOA and Smart Wallet (EIP1271 + EIP6492)
// signatures with this simple call.
const isValid = await wallet.utils.isValidMessageSignature(
await wallet.getAddress(),

console.log('isValid?', isValid)
if (!isValid) throw new Error('signature is invalid')

To learn more, please see our wallet guide on signing & verifying messages.