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The Sequence Indexer is a modular web3 service that makes it easy to query blockchain token and NFT data from Ethereum-compatible networks. The Indexer automatically indexes every ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 token from Ethereum-compatible chains.

In fact, the Sequence Wallet uses the Indexer behind the scenes so it can seamlessly render all token information in any wallet. But of course, the Indexer is a modular piece of infrastructure, and you may use it directly from your dapp, game, or even from a server.


  • Super-fast API to query all token balances, history, metadata and NFTs with multi-chain support
  • Real-time indexing of ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 transactions across EVM-compatible chains
  • Automatically detects all tokens on the chain, without the need for a contract registry
  • Resilient to node failures and chain re-organizations
  • Easily listen for specific events and transactions on-chain accurately with a simple API
  • Built-in token / nft metadata support to easily render tokens in your apps / games
  • High uptime and availability

Supported Networks & Endpoints


Mainnet networks:

NetworkIndexer Endpoint
Polygon zkEVM
Arbitrum One
Arbitrum Nova

Test networks:

NetworkIndexer Endpoint
Ethereum Goerli
Ethereum Sepolia
Polygon Mumbai
Arbitrum Goerli
BSC Testnet
Base Goerli

Getting Started

Here are a few example queries you can make to a blockchain from your dapp, game, or wallet: