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Sequence Node-Gateway

99.9% uptime so users can always use your application.

You don’t just need a node. You need a reliable node service. The Sequence Node Gateway ensures your data is always correct, real-time, in sync, and available.

Sequence aggregates multiple node providers and auto-switches between them, ensuring your dapp runs smoothly and with low latency for you and your users.

You don’t need to worry about scaling either: the Sequence Node Gateway scales seamlessly, so that your dapp performs well during peak moments and as you grow.

  • Enhance the capabilities of any Ethereum-compatible JSON-RPC node with higher uptime and performance
  • Blockchain node access for a variety of Ethereum compatible chains
  • Highly-available node network with automatic node failure detection and recover
  • Build your Dapp or Game on robust node infrastructure with higher scalability and fault-tolerance
  • Fast access to log data
  • Single point of access to a large number of nodes with automatic fail-over. No need to update your node provider URL in case of a node failure.
  • Integrations with: Infura, Alchemy, Quicknode, and internally managed nodes.
  • For Sequence Pro users only