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Sequence Kit SDK

Sequence Kit is the ultimate toolkit for effortlessly integrating web3 wallets into your applications, providing your users with a smooth and secure onboarding experience. With our robust tools built on the popular wagmi library, unlock a realm of possibilities in the world of web3.

Key Features

  • Universal Connections: Seamlessly connect via popular social logins such as Facebook, Google, Discord, and more! Your users will enjoy a smooth, secure onboarding process.

  • Embedded Wallets: Leverage our non-custodial embedded wallet within Sequence Kit to put web3 in the background such as optional popups / modals so users can focus on the experience.

  • External Wallet Integration: Effortlessly integrate with leading web3 wallets like WalletConnect and MetaMask. Unleash the power of blockchain with just a few clicks!

  • Web3 Inventory: Provide your users with a web3-enabled inventory, enabling them to manage their coins and collectibles all within your own application.

  • NFT Checkout: Enable users to purchase collectibles within Sequence Kit using a credit card or crypto.

  • Customizability: Brand Sequence Kit with your own logo, color scheme and configure it with your social providers and wallets you want to service.

Explore the potential of Sequence Kit by trying out our demo!

Next Steps

Ready to integrate Sequence Kit into your application? Check out our Quickstart guide. If you're already familiar with Sequence Kit dive into the available configuration options or take a look at the checkout.