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Marketplaces Overview

Sequence provides a variety of options for your marketplace and in-game store to accelerate your development, namely our white-label marketplace as well as our suite of Marketplace APIs.

What are the differences between these options?

White-Label Marketplace: Start your browser-based marketplace in minutes, even if you have no coding experience. Customize the marketplace with your branding - choose your fonts, colors, and logos. Our white-label marketplace is perfect for those looking to save time on development, focus on a web-based user experience, and begin selling assets.

Marketplace APIs: Take full control and customize your marketplace with our Marketplace APIs. Build your own UI while we handle the complexity of blockchain and backend orchestration. Use our APIs in game engines like Unity or Unreal to create an in-game marketplace or store. Alternatively, integrate them into a browser-based experience - the choice is yours.

Combine these options as you see fit! Start with a white-label marketplace to sell your initial game assets while developing your game. Then, use our marketplace APIs to showcase and offer these assets in your in-game store. Provide a seamless user experience by keeping everything within the game environment.

Getting Started

To get started with the white-label marketplace, check out our page for more information and a helpful video to walk you through the process.

Additionally, our quickstart page for the Marketplace APIs has a variety of templates, demos, and common integration patterns needed to get you started. We also provide a step by step guide of leveraging the APIs for (building a custom marketplace)[/guides/template-marketplace-api]