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Building Backends with Sequence


The 0xsequence package which is available for browser / client use, also works perfectly on nodejs backends written in Javascript or Typescript.


A complete Sequence SDK is also available in Go:

go-sequence is the equivalent of 0xsequence but for Go / Golang backends. In fact, all of Sequence's infrastructure is written in Go and is built with go-sequence.


As part of the Sequence open source tools, our team has also built ethkit, which is an Ethereum dev toolkit for Go backends. ethkit supports EOA wallets, and you can think of it like ethers.js but for Go.

Support for other backend languages

If your backend services are written in a language other than JS or Go, you can still easily integrate Sequence, as Sequence is really just a standard Ethereum client library with some extra features. In many cases, the extra features are best utilized on the client-side / dapp.

If your situation for example is a Python or Java backend where you'd like to verify signatures from a Sequence Wallet, well then, you can call the standard EIP1271 function for the account address from your backend.

If you'd like to use the Sequence's Meta-Transaction capabilities, see Building Relaying Server with Sequence.