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Web3 Login Wallets

Feature in development

This feature is not yet available in Sequence Wallet, but is being actively worked on. ETA Q1-Q2, 2023.

Users can create a Sequence wallet without having to use an email address or social login.

If this path was chosen, users wallets would only be controlled by session keys stored on their devices and a backup key. This also implies that these wallets are not associated with a Guard Key either and hence users are fully responsible for ensuring they do not lose access to their keys.

Wallet Creation

When creating a wallet using the web3 login, users will create a session key that will be stored on their device. In addition, a backup key will also be generated and users will need to store them securely.

Adding New Devices

web3 login users can access their wallet on other devices by having one of their already authorized device scan a QR code on the new device. The QR code contains the address of the session key on the new device that the already authorized device will add to the wallet configuration. This ensures that users never need to enter their seedphrase to connect to a new device if they still have access to an already authorized device.

Recovering a Wallet

If a user were to lose access to all their authorized device, they would need to use their backup key and follow the recover flow.

Migrating from Social login

Users with a Sequence wallet with a Torus key can decide to migrate to a web3 login flow and disable their Torus and Guard keys.