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The Sequence Unity Embedded Wallet SDK provides full Sequence Embedded Wallet and Indexer integration for your Unity Games, integrated with our own purpose-built for Unity SequenceEthereum library. That's right, no Nethereum required!

This SDK follows Semantic Versioning (major.minor.patch). While we're still in 0.x.y builds, API breaking changes can be made at any time. After 1.0.0, breaking changes will always cause a major version increment, non-breaking new features will cause a minor version increment, and bugfixes will cause a patch version increment.


Unity 2021.3.6f1 or later

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC standalone
  • Mac standalone -> (Mono builds only when using Social Sign in -> in our testing MacOS doesn't pick up custom URL schemes automatically unless you run some system commands first; these system commands only work on Mono -> see OpenIdAuthentication.PlatformSpecificSetup)
  • WebGL (excluding Social Sign in)