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Sequence Wallets Overview

Sequence offers multiple wallet options to integrate into your products. We have two main choices: the Embedded Wallet and the Universal Wallet. Both are completely non-custodial.

The Embedded Wallet is designed for a traditional gaming experience. It operates without intrusive pop-ups, modals, or transaction signing that might distract players. Users can easily log in using common social logins or other authentication methods and dive straight into the game. We support popular game engines like Unreal and Unity, as well as Typescript for seamless integration into your preferred framework.

On the other hand, the Universal Wallet targets native blockchain users, particularly those involved in gaming and gaming assets. It provides a familiar environment for existing blockchain users and enables developers to create compelling web3 experiences. The Typescript SDK makes integration straightforward.


As for the benefits, both wallets offer non-custodial smart contract wallets with advantages like gasless transactions. If you prioritize a smooth, web2/2.5-like experience, the Embedded Wallet is the way to go. For a focus on web2.5/web3 native users, the Universal Wallet is recommended.

Furthermore, our Sequence Kit wallet connector merges both options into a customizable UI written in Typescript. This allows you to cater to users with existing wallets like Metamask, as well as millions of potential new users who prefer the convenience of social login.

Getting Started

Please check out Sequence Builder to create a project and select Wallets to get started. This will provide the corresponding code snippets with our convenient SDKs to get started.

Alternatively, our quickstart page for Embedded Wallets and Universal Wallets has all the templates, demos, and common integration patterns needed to accelerate your development.